About Cass

Cass is a noble land mermaid according to her best friend.  She watched an appalling amount of Fern Gully and therefore believes in climate change, saving all creatures of the earth, and not picking flowers even when they’re wilted.  Her mother is a redhead, and she passed that down along with worrying, kindness, and letter-writing. Currently, Cass is an incoming MFA candidate in Creative Nonfiction and this blog is a place where she shares all the nouns in her life: persons, places, things.  In her previous life, she was a high school educator for six years, and a head hunter for one.

This blog is dedicated to the idea not created, but discussed by the lovely essayist, Ann Hood.  In a talk she gave at Tin House Writer’s Series, she goes into depth about the “objective correlative.”  This is just fancy phrasing for, “an object or event that will take on the burden of the emotion.”  Teachers everywhere are trying to teach this, including me.  How do we develop the abstract thing from the meager of the real world? What is “market” about “a market?” My writing rises from this stomping ground, from this idea that persons, places, and things — concrete nouns — get us always to these abstract, intangible, feelings and emotions.  What is hope without the feather, Emily Dickinson wants to know.